This and that

I’m guessing no one reads these posts anymore since I didn’t get any comments about what I wrote yesterday. It’s obviously an April Fool’s joke, but I though it was pretty funny. I’m sure there’s some poor soul out there right now afraid to touch their keyboard. Hopefully they won’t try hire me to clean up their computer.

In other news, I took another trip to Sulpher Springs today, this time for the District UIL meet. Our Computer Science team took second place. Not too bad considering we never even practiced after school. Jeremy took third place individually, which means he will advance. Unfortunately, only the first place team gets to go on, so the rest of the team will stay home. I’m still debating whether I’ll go or not.

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  1. April Fools joke? You mean that I have typing with condoms on my fingers for nothing. That is just cruel!

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