I Can See My House From Here

The other day I was raving about how cool Google Maps is. It seems they’ve gone and made it even better.

Now you can get Satellite imagery at the same time. Just click the Satellite link in the top right corner to see switch. For example, here’s our house. Unfortunately, it’s pretty low resolution. It’s pretty easy to see the airport and the highway, but that’s really about all it’s good for.

The resolution is a little better around the major cities. Here’s Preston Rd. at 121 in Frisco. It’s neat that you can see cars in the parking lot at the mall. But, that picture is obviously pretty old, since I don’t think there are any vacant lots in that area anymore.

Oh well, I’m sure they’ll have have high resolution, real-time images before long. Then you’ll be able to watch me mow the yard…

2 Replies to “I Can See My House From Here”

  1. What fun! I’ve looked up our old house in Little Rock, my in-law’s house in El Dorado, AR, and my mom’s house in New Boston. Cool!!!

    You see, I’m not nearly as cerebral as Frances!

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