Some Kind of Monster

VH1 showed the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster last night commercial free. So, being a pretty big Metallica fan, I watched it.

I’ve gotta say I was a little surprised by this movie. It was a lot more real than anything you’ll ever see on “Reality TV”. I think the main reason I like it is because I’ve followed the band for so long and I really felt like I knew the characters.

Seeing what really goes on in the lives of people like James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich was interesting. On the one hand I feel like these guys have more money than they’ll ever need, and they should just get over themselves. But, at the same time I can see what they’re arguing about. It’s the same kind of stuff that lots of us go through. Everyone wants to be in control, and no one is willing to compromise.

It was commercial free on VH1, but unfortunately it wasn’t uncut. This led to what was in my opinion one of the best scenes from the movie. Everyone in the band was really frustrated, but still trying to work. The dialogue went something like this…

Bob Rock: OK Lars, as soon as the drums kick in I want you to scream *beep* as loud as you can.

The music starts and Lars gets ready to scream.

Lars Ulrich: *beeeeeeep* (for about a minute straight)

I’m sure it was very therapeutic at the time, but on VH1 it reminded me of the test of the emergency broadcast system.

I just hope this post doesn’t draw out the raving, all-caps typing lunatics like my last mention of Metallica. Also, if you’re that guy and you’re reading this: My opinion of St. Anger is still pretty much the same. I actually want to listen to it every once in a while, but it will never be as good as Master of Puppets or …And Justice for All.