Happy Birthday

Yes, April 15th was Paige’s birthday. Thanks to everyone who bought her things from her wish list. It’s much shorter now than it was before, and she got lots of nice gifts.

We spent most of yesterday in Dallas. For her birthday dinner, we went out to eat at Arcodoro & Pomodoro. This was, without a doubt, the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been in. Paige had the Ravioli Arcodoro, voted the best ravioli in the world. It was stuffed with a mix of cheeses and seafood and topped with crushed pistachios.

I had the Stinco di Vitella Logudorese (yes, I copied and pasted that from their website). It was the most amazing veal shank. The waiter told me that the proper way to eat it is to scape the marrow out the bone when you’re done and mix it with some of the risotto. He even brought out a little marrow scraping fork. Paige and I both tried it, but I’ve got to say that the meat was much better than the marrow.

I’m sure we looked totally out of place in that restaurant, but everyone there treated us very well. I’m sure we’ll go back from time to time since the food was so good. Unfortunately, a meal there costs about as much as we usually spend on groceries for a week, but I think it’s worth it. You’ve got to live a little sometimes.