Festival of Pumpkins

Here are a few of the pictures from the Festival of Pumpkins:

Mommy and Matthew are all smiles.

That’s Matthew sitting on his first bale of hay.

We don’t look very happy because the sun was in our eyes.

Matthew was not so sure about Sparky the fire dog. There was another fireman standing back with a remote control and a microphone talking through Sparky.

Matthew tried to make friends with some llamas. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the llama song.

There were quite a few classic cars there. Is this Geoff’s dad’s car?

Matthew couldn’t quite reach the pedals. If you look close on the right side of this picture you can just barely see Paige’s hand on top of a mailbox. Luckily Matthew was pretty interested in the tractor and didn’t try to jump off.

Overall we had a really good time. We ate a hot dog, some kettle corn, and a fried pie. It should be even more fun next year when Matthew is big enough to run around and get into things.

We’ll probably also enter him in the costume contest next year. We didn’t know about it until we got there and we were too late. Check back tomorrow for a few trick or treat pictures.

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  1. Nice pictures, Mal has gotten REALLY big. That is my car… I mean that is my dad’s car. I don’t know how it got there because he told me he did a “fly over” the Pumpkin festival.

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