Yet Another Windows Virus

Has your computer been acting a little funny lately? Maybe it locked up so bad you had to turn if off. Now it’s working again but it seems to be running a little slow.

If this sounds familiar, you might have the latest virus that’s going around – W32.Blackmal.E. This virus was first discovered on January 17. We started getting it at the school district on Thursday.

This one is a little more tricky than the average virus. Not only does it spread via e-mail attachments, it can also spread over the network through shared folders.

Symantec has a page about the virus. They also have an easy to use removal tool.

My old advice still holds true – don’t open any attachments unless you know exactly what it is and why it was sent to you. Just recognizing the sender’s e-mail address is not enough.

Of course, there is to protect yourself from all of these Windows viruses…

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