Apple announced their new laptop yesterday – the MacBook. Now it comes in black or white. So you can make sure your laptop matches your iPod.

The Intel Core Duo processor means it’s around 4 times faster than the computer I’m using right now. It has a glossy widescreen and a new low-profile keyboard that looks really nice to me.

I’ll have to get my hands on one at the Apple store to see if I really like it. In the mean time if anybody knows a way for me to a quick (legal) $1000, I’m all ears.

3 Replies to “MacBook”

  1. Andy showed me one as it came off the truck Tuesday. It looked black with a glossy screen. Rather Darth Vadery and cool. I’m not sure how I feel about a black Apple, though.

  2. you could charge for computer consultations like docs do! Oh wait….I couldn’t afford to talk to you then LOL

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