Halloween Festival at Zilker Park

We took Matthew to the festival down at Zilker Park this afternoon.  It was free with a food donation to the local food bank which was really cool.  They had several carnival style booth games for kids Matthew’s age to enjoy, some live music, and of course, a haunted house for the bigger kids.  The show stopper for little Matthew was the bounce house.  They had 3 different ones up so it really wasn’t crowded.  He was hestiant at first but when I started to put his shoes back on to leave he summoned his courage and jumped right on in!  I was so proud.

We also got several nice comments on Matthew’s costume.  Some guy even told us that everytime he saw him, the theme from Rocky played through his head.  I mostly think that everyone wished they had found a costume for their little ones that had shorts and wasn’t too warm.  It was very, very warm today and most Halloween costumes seem to be made of polar fleece these days!  Some little ones looked like they were melting in their little pumpkin costumes, poor things.

Matthew told me & Daddy that he really had a good time and that makes me feel better because I know he won’t get to go trick-or-treat family this year and that was always a tradition of ours.  I know I will miss it, too.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the festival.

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  1. Glad Matthew had a good time at the Halloween Festival. We will miss him this year but look forward to seeing all of you Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks, Nina! Good to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you, too! We are going trick-or-treating this Friday, but we will be thinking of all of you guys!

  3. He’so cute! I believe he has grown a foot! I am glad all three of you had fun! Wish we were there!!! Love Aunt P

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