Early Voting…

Well, this election has a huge turn out already, so I thought I might try one of the Mega-Polling places Austin has to offer today.  Hopefully, there won’t be a 3-4 hour wait like those reported in Florida because Matthew is not feeling well today.  If there is a long line, we will just have to try again later.  Wish me luck!

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  1. So little Matthew and I made it to the mega-polling place in about 18 minutes this morning and we were done in about 10 minutes and 5 of those minutes was for the voting machine tutorial. They have electronic voting here in Austin-not the scan tron I am use to back home! I thought it was pretty easy and quick. They had about 100 machine set up so no lines! Yeah! Oh, I let Matthew hit the “Cast Your Ballot” key at then end. I tried explaining voting to him but he likes pushing-the-buttons part best!

  2. pushing buttons is what life is all about LOL – especially when you have such a geeky daddy!
    I’m glad you are learning your new town too.

  3. I had flashbacks from high school when I went and did early voting ;) Most people in Paris would probably say I failed, so it was a lot like high school :D
    I’m sure Matthew learned a lot about voting…but yeah kids do seem to love those buttons!! hehehe

    I’m so happy that you’ve kept up the blog! It’s nice getting to hear about all the fun you guys are having in Austin. Joe & I will have to come visit…I haven’t been back to Austin in years!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Kari! Good to hear from you, too. Please come visit any time. Tony loves his new job and he has great coworkers, just like he was used to back in Paris.

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