Warning: Bragging Parent Message To Follow!

Anyone of you who have played tanks on Wii Play will appreciate this, not to mention how amazed I am about how well Matthew plays the game:  Matthew is 3 years, 10 months old and this morning he completed 45 missions with a total score of 195 tanks!  I know I probably should not brag about my child playing video games, but trust me when I tell you he is in constant motion while playing, working up a sweat and I do make sure he gets outside everyday to run around!

That said, I myself have never gotten a score of more that 19 tanks (with Matthew’s help) and I think Tony has topped out around 50 or 60 so you can see Matthew’s score is pretty amazing.  You wouldn’t believe his coordination and thinking skills he uses to out smart the other tanks!

Ok, I will stop gushing about how smart my little cutie pie is but I do want to tell Matthew’s Uncle Billy that I hope he has been praticing tanks a lot-Matthew is ready for a rematch!

4 Replies to “Warning: Bragging Parent Message To Follow!”

  1. I would say genetics play a little part here LOL. I wonder about the next generation of kids. Mine were on a computer before they were two and have never had any issues with clicking buttons. Matthew will be just that much more acclimated with electronic gadgets and ubiquitous information. At least he has something that promotes exercise!! I bet he could whip my tail all over the place :)

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