Home Inspection

Today is the home inspection. Since the house is less than 2 years old we do not expect anything to be wrong. That is the scary part. Because it is so new, if something is wrong, it will most likely be major-like plumbing or wiring. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I also decided to join Facebook last night. I decide I held out long enough. Tony accepted me as a friend-so far so good! Just kidding.

Hope everyone coming to Austin for TCEA has a safe trip!

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  1. Back in the eighties – during the OTHER recession – my brother and sister-in-law lived next door to a house that went into foreclosure. They woke up one morning to find that the entire line of stockade fencing between the two houses was entirely gone! The owners had apparently decided to take out everything they could before the foreclosure! They later heard that inside, all the doorknobs, cabinet knobs, and WATER FAUCETS were gone!

    So, even if there are some little things wrong during your inspection, always remember that things could be worse!! ;-)

  2. Funny story, Frances…we were lucky. Everything with the house was fine. The eye sensor for the garage door needs to be lowered and one nail on the roof needs to be sealed, that was about it. The inspector said he wished they were all this easy to inspect and had complete confidence that the house was in great shape.

    One surprise bonus: a complete sprinkler system was installed that we didn’t even know about. It wasn’t listed on the details of the house.

  3. Glad that the inspection went well. That is great about the sprinkler system. Also, I have joined facebook too. I don’t know much about it. I am better at myspace. Anyway, I would like to add you and Tony as friends but I have not figured it out yet. Haha Maybe you could add me. Talk to you later. Luv, Pam

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