New House Picture

If everything goes well this will be our new home after March 2nd. It is on a cul-de-sac in the Sonoma addition and .60 miles from the elementary school. We live too close for school bus pickup. I’ve always lived a far ways from school so I didn’t even realize that was a policy. I wasn’t wanting Matthew to ride the bus anyways-in my experience nothing good ever came from riding the bus.

Today we also drove by the two different swim parks for the neighborhood. The first one has more things for smaller kids like sprayers, sprinklers and wading. The other one has a large water slide for older kids. There are also several play scapes so we hope Matthew enjoys them and maybe it will be a good way to meet people in the neighborhood. I am hoping Matthew can find some new playmates. He misses his friends and still asks me on occasion to take him to visit Jackson and Brock in Paris.

We hope this neighborhood works well for us. So far, it all looks like it will.


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  1. I love it! You’re going to have so much fun exploring your new neighborhood! I can see you making Koolaid and cookies for the kids playing in the back yard already!

  2. It looks great! I love the window in the front – is it the living or dining room,or a bedroom? You’re going to be very happy there, I’ll bet!! Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you guys. Spending the weekend with Nick and Angela in Jarrell sure made me want to visit the area more often.

  4. Thanks everyone…we are ready to move. The front window is to the 4th bedroom/study. It is for a home office but has a small closet so it can be used as a guest room. I hadn’t seen this setup before but most of the homes we toured have it down here. It will be handy if Tony gets to telecommute from work occasionally as the living room and bedrooms are mostly to the back of the house.

    You are all welcome to visit if you are ever in town! Miss you guys!

  5. I love it. The bus rule in Paris is 2 miles unless the path home crosses a busy street. Anyway, you DO want to keep him off the bus.

  6. Wow! The house is so pretty. I can’t wait to see the inside and stay a few days in it. Talk to you soon. Luv, Pam

    P.S. Billy said to tell you he has a lawn mower, rake, etc. for sale. Haha

  7. Congrats you guys!!!! I love that big front window too!! I had no idea about the to short of a distance for the bus thing either…but I guess it makes sense…

  8. Hey Guys I am a little behind in posting. The picture looks better than what I was imagining & that house looks just what I was envisioning for your family. I can not wait to come see you again. I had so much fun just hanging out with you all even with the torn cornea! Uncle Billy can not wait to visit too! (and I will make sure he gets to come next time) We miss you a lot and think about ya’ll a least once a day. Tell Matthew I play the game every day and I have red & white turnips now. He needs to come visit me; I have a super big house with a purple roof. Maybe we can set something up soon. Well gotta go take some pictures!
    We love you very much and are so proud, happy and excited about your new life in Austin.

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