No Waiting…

Just as I finished typing the last post my phone rang. It was the Realtor. We got the house and they accepted our offer as is-no counter offer.

Glad I didn’t have to wait on that one. Did I ever say how much I hate it that money doesn’t fall from the sky?

Just had to try.


5 Replies to “No Waiting…”

  1. Post a picture as soon as you get one. I know that you, Matthew and Max will be glad to have outside space again!

  2. That’s a good idea. I think we’ll try to get one up on the site this weekend I told Tony’s grandmother that I would try to mail her a picture since she doesn’t have email or internet. We first thought it wasn’t going to work out so I never took a picture!

    Our Realtor also said that he might be able to let you guys come with us and walk through the house when you are all in town next week, if we can all get our schedules together.

    Let me know if you want too!

  3. So glad that you found a house that you all really like. Billy and I are looking forward to seeing it. It sounds really nice. Hope we get to come down in March. Take care. Luv you all, Pam

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