Home Search Update

Remember in my last post I said we didn’t want to basically get into a bidding war over this one bank owned property?

Well, our Realtor said that we should put in an offer at the amount we were happy with and just see how it goes because we liked the place so much. So we did and he called yesterday to say our bid was the highest bid. Huh…didn’t expect that. The REO Specialist that works for the bank emailed our Realtor saying we were the highest bid(there were only two!!) and that this offer looks good. She needs final approval from her boss and then we will know if there will be a counter offer or if they will accept our offer as is.

The bad news is they can take 72 hours to respond and they were closed half a day Tuesday because of the ice in Dallas were their office is located. So we probably will not know anything until tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate waiting?