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We have officially begun the home search. We have our pre-qual letter and have decided that the Round Rock area is going to be the best fit for us. It reminds me a lot of Frisco but with a whole lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.

We found one house in particular that was great but it is in foreclosure and after we submitted our bid the listing agent sent out a notice that they had multiple offers on the home since it was priced so far below market value and wanted everyone to amend their bids to as high as they are willing to go.

So …we thought about it and there are so many homes for sale in the area we love and in our budget that we decide we had no desire to enter a bidding war. I do not like playing those games. Way too stressful for my taste.

Anyway, we are going to look at 5 or 6 houses today in our target neighborhood. We drove by them all last night and liked all but one-the one with the creepy neighbor hanging out in a lit up, open garage. I hate to say it but that lady gave us the creeps. It’s too bad really because the house itself was adorable.

So wish us luck. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

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  1. Sounds like you are staying really busy. I am glad you are being really careful about the house you choose. Just a suggestion, but you might want to drive by them on the weekend. (Like Saturday night) I know you and Tony would not like living next door to someone that has a party every weekend. Haha We are doing fine. Just trying to stay warm. We had a small ice storm Tuesday night so we started school 2 hours late Wednesday morning. I was a little nervous driving to school since the roads had some slick spots but, I made it O.K. Keep me up to date on the house hunting. I would love to come see y’all during my spring break in March. Maybe I can see your new house. Give Matthew a hug & kiss from me & tell him thanks for the sweet card. Luv, Pam

  2. Pam-
    Glad the ice didn’t cause you any difficulties. I hate driving on that stuff. Matthew has been playing Wii Music and has been “jamming with Nina” today. He misses you guys. He has a cold but is getting over it pretty easily.

    I hope you can make it down here for a visit during spring break but be warned-you may be surrounded by moving boxes! Otherwise, we would completely enjoy a good long visit. We would have a great time!
    Take Care, Paige

  3. I’ve really dropped off the radar too!! :) Looks like you guys are having a good time in Austin! I’m still a little jealous… ;) I walked into Paris Coffee the other morning and thought “I haven’t seen Tony in here in a long time….Oh….Duh”

    I understand about the neighbor in the garage being weird. We have neighbors across the street from us who do the same thing! No matter how cold it is they have the lights on in the garage and are just sitting there with the door open. I would understand if maybe they were smoking or had a game room type thing out there but no…they are not smoking and it is just your normal garage full of crap and 2 chairs…I think they are trying to get away from their kids which are even more annoying than them. We have a nickname for the family that I won’t repeat on here…. ;-)

    Good luck on the house search!!!!

  4. Kari-
    Sorry about the neighbors. Don’t you wonder why they hang out there? It is weird. Oh, well, maybe they think they are the local neighborhood watch. HA!

    We do misses running into everyone at Paris Coffee Co. We dropped in at Christmas time and got to see a few friends.

    We wanted to tell you congrats on passing the jazzersize test. Do you like teaching the classes now? Hope things are good.

  5. Funny how you run into so many people at the same place all the time!

    Thanks!! It has been lots of fun! I’ve been teaching for about a month now and I love it!!

    Things are going pretty good here in Paris…Joe likes his new job way more than the school! I’m sure Tony knows exactly how he feels! Loft work is supposed to start next week so we should be moved in 2 or 3 months!! I’m not holding my breath though ;) I need to update our blog…I’ve gotten so bad at keeping all that stuff up to date!

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