Dropped of radar…

I actually did not realize it had been so long since our last post. We have been rather occupied lately. My dear sister came to visit and we did everything we could while she was here. The museums, the capitol, shopping, meandering through the smorgasbord that is Whole Foods, catching up and seeing Matthew thrilled to see his Aunt was too good.

It made Austin feel more like home to have her visit and I hope more of our friends and family can do the same when they can. Austin is a lot of fun to explore.

We have also begun a little house shopping, going to some open house and getting a “feel” for the neighborhoods. We have narrowed it down to the Round Rock area for now. The schools have great ratings and the parks are unbelievable! One neighborhood park included not only trails and playscapes but a 5 acre fishing pond and tennis courts. It was literally right out the front door of one home we toured. It also doesn’t hurt that the prices are on the mild side either.

I am also still waiting to go to the doctor. We thought that Tony’s insurance would be effective ninety days from his first day of work but it is actually ninety days from his first paycheck, so it will happen in February. I know it isn’t that far off now but I am running out of my medication that my last doctor prescribed. I know you shouldn’t wish your life away but the sooner February gets here, the better!

On a political note:  Thank Goodness We Have An OUTSTANDING, NEW PRESIDENT!!  I think Obama is just what we need right now.  We as a country have a lot of work to do and a lot of wounds to heal.  I think he is ready to get down to business.  I told Matthew that we had a new president and his response was, “Hooray!!”  I could not have said it better my self.

So this concludes our January update.  I seriously will try to post more often.

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  1. Glad you are back “on” the radar. I was getting ready to email you and yell post something but I know how real life is more important sometimes. I hate that you are having to wait on the insurance. I need insurance probably worse than anyone and yet I can’t help but think when I hear about Jesus turning over the tables in the temple that the tables contained little Hebrew signs that said “insurance”. There is something bizarre about paying money because you are betting you will die, betting you will get sick, betting that your house will burn down, or betting that you will have a car accident. Sheesh. Then when you need it they make you jump through hoops!

    Enough ranting. I’m excited for you with the house hunting. When we started looking I always took a digital camera with me because later when we would talk about details I wouldn’t always remember what was where. Later when we decided on the one we were buying, the pictures helped me figure out where our furniture would go once we moved. It also gave me time to really think about the places and sort of let them either grow on me or help me realize things I didn’t care for.

    I hope we can get together while I am down there for TCEA. I’m looking forward to the trip. The next week will be crazy so I will be doubly ready. I will be riding with Paula so decent conversation on the way down too!

  2. Completely agree about the insurance!!!

    What day are you and Paula going to be in town For TCEA? We can’t wait to see you!!

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