Our old TV croaked…

It was about 8 years old, a Sony 27 inch. You know, the heavy old set type that is a pain to move. It wasn’t modern but it had a good picture and was always a good scale for our small living room. I think it just didn’t survive our last move.

What is strange is that the first TV Tony and I bought (a 20 inch Sony we bought before we were married) is over 13 years old and still works fine. We keep it in our bedroom.

So we began the search for a new one on Saturday. We saw some great deals in the local ads but when we got to the store they were all sold out and the new sales would start on Sunday. So we checked out the local ads online for Sunday-no great deals on the size we wanted. Darn. You know when you finally decide to buy something and then you can’t find what you are looking for? It is kind of a let down! Ugh!

So we went to Whole Foods to buy some uncontaminated peanut butter and I bought a Sunday paper. We were driving home and I was reading the ads. Tony told me that he had already checked out the TV ads on line and there was nothing there but I found a local, family owned business that just sold TV’s and electronics. I was reading there deals aloud when Tony said, “Wait. Are they still open? Where are they located?”

We turned around. Some how we managed to get there before they closed and walked in asked for the item and out of the five place we had tried to buy a TV, they were the only store to actually have the special in-stock! Yay!

We couldn’t fit it in our trunk but it slid in the back seat just fine, so Tony drove Matthew and I home and went back and picked it up. It is a little big for our temporary apartment living room but will be perfect once we move to our new house in a couple of weeks!

Matthew and I have been amazed at how the characters on “Wonder Pets” look life-sized this morning.

4 Replies to “Our old TV croaked…”

  1. I keep waiting for ours to croak. The one in our bedroom lost all the channels above 13 unless we watch it (and change channels) through the vcr but it just . won’t . die!!

  2. Why didn’t you tell me that a long time ago? I could have been enjoy HDTV this whole time! Just kidding.

    I have a feeling the phrase “Pull a Paula” will be around for a long time-too funny!

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