2nd Round Of The Human Pin Cushion

This afternoon will be my second round of prolotherapy injections. I am half looking forward to it, half just wanting to get it over with so I can see if there are going to be some decent results in a week or two. I very much want to reduce my pain medication because it limits my physical activity and has side effects. Too much sun and I get weak, nausea every morning and sometimes during the day, I can be happily working out or in a store walking and suddenly get faint. On the vain side, it messes with my hair texture-yeah, my hair looks pretty bad these days. Did I mention it makes me forgetful? Where was I again? Oh, yeah…

But most of all, I am looking forward to the pain lessening. Dr. Harris says that the majority of his patients see some kind of improvement after the second round of therapy. Financially I am hoping it works quickly since the insurance company won’t pay for any of it. They think I’m crazy. Well, I might be but that isn’t what causes this pain! That really chaps my hide, to put it nicely. Something else that bothers me is that every time I type “prolotherapy” on this dang computer, it tells me that it is not a word and tries to replace it with, among other things, psychotherapy. Great, even the computer software thinks I’m crazy. How funny is that? Do you think the software company and the insurance company know each other? Ha!

Seriously, I couldn’t be luckier. I know I have a lot to be grateful for. I have found a doctor who could diagnose my problem and treat it as well. I am grateful that I don’t have to have back surgery and my treatment is minimally invasive and pretty straight forward. It is still scary that multiple medical professionals misdiagnosed me and I even had an unnecessary surgery trying to figure this all out. I wonder how many folks out there are being misdiagnosed right now. Very scary.

Here’s hoping one day doctors will have that scanny-thingie the Bones had on Star Trek. Take a pill and grow a new kidney…

2 Replies to “2nd Round Of The Human Pin Cushion”

  1. Amen to the take a pill and grow a new kidney!! I’m praying this round of treatment will give you some noticeable results. Living with pain is bad enough but then factor in dealing with frustration, insurance, and the medical community – if you don’t need psychotherapy when you start, you will before they are done. Maybe that’s why the computer tries do change the word. It’s a “pre-diagnosis” for when they drive you over the edge!!

    PS Hope Tony buys you ice cream again after all those shots :)

  2. I like your theory on “pre-diagnosis”. That gave me a good laugh. Would that fall under the “preventative wellness checkups”?

    Thanks for being so understanding, Dee. It is good to talk and vent to someone who knows were you are coming from.

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