New Kitchen

We spent all day yesterday working in the kitchen. We pulled off all the cabinet doors, sanded them down, primed everything, painted everything (twice), and finally put all of the doors back on with new hardware.

We didn’t take any before pictures, but here are some after pictures.

New Kitchen Matthew on counter

Matthew seems to like it.

3 thoughts on “New Kitchen

  1. Geoff George

    It looks great but the kitchen is missing something… two words. DISCO BALL. Think about it!

  2. Dee

    Looks great! If you are thinking of taking this up as a new job I can put you to work LOL. I kinda disagree about the disco ball idea though – I’m partial to lava lamps myself. Dee

  3. Tony Post author

    It’s just good to hear from you again Dee. I might even make you a deal on a kitchen remodel.

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