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There’s one less link at the top of this page. That’s because I finally got around to setting up another site for all of my game programming tutorials. So now you can come here to read about Paige, Matthew, and me and not have to learn all about programming computer games.

But, if you are coming here to learn how to write game, by all means check out Game Dev Geek. I moved all of my programming tutorials about Lua, SDL, and managing game states to that site. Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating all of them to work with Visual C++ 2005 on Windows as well as Xcode on Mac OS X and of course good old make on Linux.

I’ll also be updating the blog at Game Dev Geek on a regular basis with interesting news about game programming, and I have a bunch of ideas for new tutorials. I’m going to wrap up my series on Lua with a complete example. I’m also going to expand my list of SDL tutorials so you’ll have everything you need to make complete games.

The new site will also have tutorials on OpenGL as well as writing games with Java. I teach a high school Java class everyday, so I already have some pretty good material on the subject. My main focus on the new site is going to be cross platform game development. So if you into that kind of thing, check it out.

Speaking of my class, someone at lunch today told me that we only have 14 school days left. I didn’t realize we were that close. So in about three weeks my life will get a lot less complicated…

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  1. Some of us are already out for the summer… and if they had a car to themselves they would come visit.

  2. OH the joy of summer vacation! Nice to know someone still holds it in high regard.

  3. Wow! It’s a lot less dorky in here now! I can BREATHE finally.

    Hey, I need to borrow your soldering iron. Mine’s too big and bulky. I got a new preamp for my Jazz Bass and I need to install it.

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