Staring at the Sun

For some reason I’ve always liked taking pictures of the sky. Clouds are just fascinating to me. Yes, I still sometimes see shapes in the clouds.

Anyway, a few months ago (June 10 to be exact) there was a solar eclipse that was visible in the our part of the world. Paige and I went out to the walking track to get a little exercise and see what we could see.

Unfortunately, the sun went behind some clouds, and then set, before we could really see the eclipse. I did take a few pictures of the clouds that evening, and we looked at the eclipse using the old pin hole through a piece of paper trick.


I’ll eventually add a sky gallery to the site. I’ve taken lots of sunset pictures and just random cloud pictures.

In other news, I don’t have to go back to school until August 26. I really needed these two weeks off after taking four classes in the past two months. Also, maybe I’ll have time to add some more stuff to the site.