Summer’s Gone

The students were back at school today. Whatever happened to summer vacation? I guess taking classes four days a week will do that to you. I did manage to make three A’s and a B so I guess that’s not too bad.

I’m taking three classes this fall – two on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and the other Thursday evening. Luckily they’re all Computer Science classes so it shouldn’t be too hard on me.

I see no one commented on my cloud picture. Either it wasn’t worth talking about or everyone stopped looking after a month with no updates. I actually thought the picture of the eclipse on the piece of paper was interesting.

Oh well, my work order list was 6 pages when I got to work today and I managed to get it down to 5 pages by quitting time. Maybe if I get some sleep tonight I can mark off another page tomorrow. Hopefully the school district will hire some help for me soon. It’s kinda tough being a tech department of one…

One Reply to “Summer’s Gone”

  1. Only 6 pages!!!I’ll have to think of some stuff to add to your list. My first day included a flood in the closet!

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