A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a network manager? Well, wonder no more…

I noticed a little problem with one of the servers at the high school today. This is the server that holds all of the students’ home folders. Here’s a breakdown of how much space is used by each grade:

Freshmen – 1.13 GB
Sophomores – 3.37 GB
Juniors – 7.61 GB
Seniors – 6.88 GB

Not too bad, except for the fact that all of these files are stored on a 16 GB partition. Do the math and you’ll find that even with compression, that drive is full. Oops.

Now I have the thrilling task of digging through about a thousand student folders and deciding what to delete and what to keep. But it’s really not that bad. I always find the strangest things in student folders.

For example, one student downloaded a program and installed it to his folder on the server. They aren’t suppossed to do this, but many do it anyway. He must’ve been afraid someone would find the program and delete it. After he installed it, he made 40 copies of the complete installation directory. That just made it even more obvious.