Listen Up

Here’s a newsflash: according to CD’s aren’t selling very well.

Global music sales fell 7.6 percent in 2003 to $32 billion, the steepest decline since the advent of the compact disc

Of course, the record companies blame things like “rampant piracy.” I have my own theory – people don’t like paying for crap. And trust me, most of today’s music is nothing but crap.

While we’re on the subject of today’s music…

I was in a junior high classroom today working on a teacher’s computer.

The teacher noted that the computer was “just crap,” and all of the students in the room giggled. The teacher apologized, to which one of the students replied “it’s OK, we all say crap.” This was followed by a chorus of other children repeating the word.

In a feeble attempt to impress the kids, I added “You do know where the word crap comes from, right? The inventor of the toilet was named Thomas Crapper.” (Now that I’m back at my computer I see that I may have misled them a bit, but Thomas Crapper was a famous plumber.)

At this point a girl in the front row said “I can tell you where the ‘s’ word comes from.” Thankfully, the conversation ended there.

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  1. I can’t believe they allow you access to young and impressionable minds.

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