The Trilogy

I know some of you will be disappointed, but I bought the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. I realize that everyone from my generation is suppossed to be furious about the changes Lucas made to the original movies, but I just couldn’t resist. The dark side truly is stronger.

After watching all three movies (Yes I’ve watched three Star Wars movies in the last two days, that’s nothing for a geek like me.) Anyway, after watching all three movies, I have to say that the changes aren’t that bad. Yes, Greedo shoots first, but only by a fraction of a second now. And the hologram of the Emperor’s face was changed in Empire. And the original Anikin spirit from the end of Jedi was replaced with a scraggly looking Hayden Christensen.

But even with all of these changes and more, I still enjoyed the trilogy on DVD. And now, they fit even better with Episodes I – III. I know a few of my friends are crying blasphemy about now, but come over some time and witness the crisp picture and awesome 5.1 sound for yourself. I promise it’ll be enough to make you forget all about those grainy old VHS tapes in the closet…

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  1. Geoff and I couldn’t justify buying the DVDs, but we’ll definitely come over and watch them with you and Paige. By the way, Goerge Lucas has confirmed that he plans to turn Star Wars into a live-action TV Show in 2006. The best part about it is he wants someone else to take over the creative control of the show and jsut be the executive producer.
    THAT’S THE BEST MOVE HE’S MADE IN YEARS!…..(except for the fight scene with Darth Maul…that Rocked!)

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