Can You Hear Me Now?

Paige and I finally broke down and got cell phones again. Chances are we’ve already given you our new numbers. If not, let us know and we’ll probably share.

We picked up a pair of Sanyo VI-2300 phones. Paige’s is silver and mine is black (or as they say on their website – graphite). They seem to be pretty nice phones so far.

I’m really impressed with the battery life. My old cell phone weighed at least twice as much as this phone and it would hardly last all day on standby. This phone claims to last 13 days on standby. I haven’t recharged it since the day I bought it, and I’ve been talking on it quite a bit for the last few days.

Of course it has all of the other fancy features of today’s phones – color screen, ringtones, internet, e-mail, games, screensavers, etc. I tend to avoid all of that stuff. I’m sure one of these days I’ll have some free time to explore all of the options, but for now I’m just using it to make calls.

One thing it doesn’t have is a camera. I understand camera phones are convenient, but they really take terrible pictures. I just couldn’t justify paying extra for a crappy camera when we already have a nice digital camera.

The question now is – do we cancel our regular phone service? I know lots of people are doing this. Paige and I can call each other and any of our friends with Sprint phones for free and we can talk in the evening and on weekends for free. So there’s not much reason to even have a home phone anymore. Time will tell if I’m happy enough with the quality to give up the land line.

One Reply to “Can You Hear Me Now?”

  1. I have a camera phone. I use it to show people pictures of my kid. I get to whip it out and capture cute moments that might pass if I scrounge for the digital camera. Maybe you just don’t like to show people your kid. That’s it, isn’t it? What a curmudgeon you must be. *hissssssssss*

    “And THIS is why you’re stupid for getting a camera phone…blah blah blah…nanny nanny boo boo…”


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