Bouncing Baby

Here’s a nice picture of Matthew in his jumper. He really likes jumping.

Matthew in his jumper

Isn’t it nice for everyone to be able to see this picture online? As opposed to, you know, squinting at a tiny screen on a camera phone…

5 Replies to “Bouncing Baby”

  1. What a wonderful picture of Matthew! Top quality, vivid color, adorable kid…

    Still and all, it’s very cool to have pictures on your cell phone. I have a neat little picture of Paula, Ben, and one-hour-old Jackson on mine, so now when Paula calls me, that picture pops up and I smile before I’ve even answered the phone.

    It would also be nice to have a picture of Matthew on my phone so that when Tony calls me, I could see him (Matthew, not Tony) and smile.

    What’s that you say??…oh yeah…I don’t have Tony’s or Paige’s cell phone number….never mind.

  2. “Wanna see my kid? Hang on, I’m gonna run home and grab my laptop. Don’t go anywhere! Be right back!”

    I have a lovely picture of Tony gesticulating to me that pops up on the cell when he calls. I get the same warm fuzzies.

  3. Of course, now that Tony has an Internet-capable phone, he could just log on to and show the tee-e-e-e-ny little picture of Matthew from there. Kinda gives the term “thumbnail” a whole new meaning…

  4. A picture of me an hour after giving birth????? Could we get an updated picture on the phone so everybody doesn’t see me looking like death!?

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