Geekier Than Thou

Just how geeky are you? Take The Geek Test and find out. It’s pretty long, but if you’re really geeky you probably won’t mind.

Reading the questions even brought back some memories for me.

I scored 46.35108% which means I’m a Super Geek. I was a little surprised that I did so poorly. I’m the geekiest person I know.

On the other hand, anything above 75% is considered a Dysfunctional Geek, so maybe I’m right where I need to be…

6 Replies to “Geekier Than Thou”

  1. Saw that on Digg as well. I scored 32.9-ish. HA! or congratulations depending on your perspective.

  2. I guess being married to one doesn’t automatically make you a super geek. I got a 19% score. Just a regular, everyday, run-of-the-mill geek.

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