MacWorld San Francisco

Steve Jobs gave his annual keynote at MacWorld San Franciso today. This is usually when he tells all of the Apple computer lovers what they’ll be doing with all of their money for the next few months. This year’s speech was no exception.

First off, he introduced new versions of all of the iLife applications. Right now I’m most interested in playing around with the new version of iPhoto. We still mainly use Picassa on Paige’s PC for all of our digital pictures, but I think this update to iPhoto might change that. Also, there’s a new program called iWeb that makes it easy to set up your own website with picture galleries, movies, and podcasts.

Next up, the new iMac with an Intel processor. This is the Intel Core Duo – basically two processors in one. The new iMac is the same design and cost as the old iMac, only it’s 2-3 times faster. It’s everything you could want in a computer starting at $1299. Sounds good to me. I’ll take two.

Finally, he closed with the best news of all – the new MacBook Pro. A 15″ laptop with the new Intel Core Duo processor starting at $1999. Again, it’s the same basic design as the PowerBook G4 and the same price, only the MacBook Pro is 4-5 times faster.

I imagine both of these computers will be flying off the shelves for quite some time. The 15″ PowerBook was always my dream computer and now it’s about 4 times faster. Maybe one will fall off a truck in front of our house, or maybe I’ll convince the school district to buy me one…

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  1. I’m drooling at the MacBook. Surely there’s someplace I can sell a kidney around here…

    I just wish I had enough money to invest in some apple stock. It’s gone up 6% just today alone.

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