Another World

Way back in the dark ages, sometime around 1991, I played a lot of video games. By “a lot” I mean pretty much all of them, day and night, all the time. Yes my grades suffered.

Anyway, one game that I have fond memories of was called Out of this World. It had amazing vector graphics. The animation was smooth and the backgrounds were dark and mysterious.

Unfortunately, those fond memories can sometimes be a little deceptive. In reality, it looked something like this:

Out of this World 1991

Not too bad, but still a little ugly by today’s standards.

Another thing about this game – it’s hard. Many people probably never made it past the first screen. You will die many times while playing this game and it will test your patience. Basically anything that touches you kills you. Even the slugs have fangs.

On April 14, out of the blue, the developer of this game decided to rerelease it with updated graphics. Now it looks more like this:

Another World 2006

Much less blocky, but still true to the original. It’s still hard to play, but it’s now much easier on the eyes.

They also switched back to the original name – Another World. They called it Out of this World in 1991 so it wouldn’t be confused with the soap opera Another World.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can download the demo from the Another World web site. If you like it, you can buy the full version for 7 euros (about $8.50). It was the best 7 euros I’ve ever spent.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to kick some slugs…

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  1. Yeah, that game was hard. I’m not a patient person, and I would die every five seconds. Well, at least with the new updated graphics it will make for a much prettier death.

  2. Hi there, sorry for posting here but I was not able to find your email-adress ;)
    I’d love to check out your SDL-Sprite Tutorial, but unfortunately the .tar.gz files were not found on this server. Would you be so kind to put it back on the page? I would be so glad :D Thanks in advance.


  3. Thanks for pointing that out Marc. I’ve updated all of the tutorials so the downloads are available again. I also added my e-mail address to the About page. Thanks for stopping by…

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